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Caroline de Massini 

My name is Caroline de Massini, and I am a professional photographer specializing in fine art culinary and event photography in the South of France.


Are you looking to capture unique moments at events in the enchanting settings of the South of France or elsewhere? I am here to accompany you on your journey.

My artistic approach aligns with the concept of "fine art," a form of art that aims to tell a story and evoke deep emotions.

Fine art photography is characterized by its luminous, poetic, and delicate style. Through this approach, I am able to capture and highlight the emotions that emanate from your events.

I also specialize in culinary photography. Whether you are a brand, establishment, restaurant, or simply want to showcase a product, I would be delighted to help you enhance your projects.

Trust in my expertise to bring your precious moments to life and create images that tell a unique story.

Contact me now to discuss your needs and plan an unforgettable photo session.

You've dreamed of this moment forever. This day marks the beginning of a new chapter. Whether you've chosen a civil ceremony, a secular ceremony, a religious ceremony, or a combination of them, I will be by your side, capturing these important moments and turning them into everlasting memories

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In a natural style, I strive to capture authentic emotions that reflect who you are in my photo shoots. Each session is an opportunity to tell your unique story.

Whether it's a couple's session, an elopement, or an engagement shoot, I'm here to accompany you and create unforgettable memories.

During the engagement session, we also have the chance to get comfortable with the camera, creating a natural connection in front of the lens.

Contact me now to book your couple's photo session, elopement, or engagement shoot.

As a food stylist and photographer, I am passionate about telling delicious stories.

Hire my services for:

• Shoots in restaurants and hotels, showcasing the ambiance and dishes of your establishment.

• Food product photography, presenting your creations in an appetizing and professional way.

• Creating visually captivating recipes to promote your products and inspire your customers.

• And many other customized services to meet your specific needs.

Contact me now to discuss your projects and bring your culinary stories to life.

Contact me
You like my approach to photography and you want to contact me for more information? Do not hesitate andcontact mebyE-mailor byphone.
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